A History of Helping the

West Michigan Community.


Reliance Community Care Partners is a faith-based nonprofit focused on health care and wellness. We provide positive, accessible mental health care designed to treat you as an individual. And as a community-based and person-centered organization, Reliance has been helping the West Michigan community since 1979.



Our mission is to promote the dignity of the individuals we serve by coordinating and providing quality services that focus on education, choice, and advocacy. ­


Providing You Integrated Wellness in a

Comfortable and Relaxed Environment.


With our holistic approach, we are here to increase relaxation and decrease stress. At Reliance Integrated Wellness Center, mental health services, psychiatric services, counseling, and therapeutic massage are at your fingertips, and appointments are just a phone call away.

Integrated. Available. Holistic. This is wellness at Reliance.

Lobby Area

Counseling Office

Group Therapy Room

Medication Therapy Room

Staff Conference Area


Part of a Reliance Community Care Partnership


As part of Reliance Community Care Partners, a nonprofit health care and case management organization, we are able to coordinate additional resources and support through our service partners, Holland Home, Atrio Home Care, Faith Hospice, Trillium Institute, and Care Resources. We believe that we are stronger together, and through this collaboration, we can provide access to the care and support you need.


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