One on One Talk Therapy


Helping You Put Your Best Self Forward.


When someone is struggling with mental health issues, there are often symptoms that prevent an individual from functioning at their fullest. Whether it causes them to avoid social situations, experience mood swings, or have trouble concentrating, their emotions, actions, and behaviors can be affected. Individual talk therapy or psychotherapy works to eliminate these troubling symptoms so a person can get back to feeling like their best self.

Everyone’s struggles are different, which is why at Reliance Integrated Wellness Center, our expertly trained therapists and counselors tailor treatment to meet each person's specific needs. whether counseling is short-term to address immediate issues or long-term for more longstanding and complex issues, the goals of treatment are decided jointly by the patient and mental health professional.

There are several different therapies and techniques that can be used based on the individual's specific needs. The following are some types of therapies people seeking mental health help may be exposed to:


helps people identify and change thinking and behavior patterns that are harmful. It can help people focus on their current problems and overcome them by replacing those negative thoughts and behaviors with more proactive and positive ones. It often involves practicing new skills in the “real world.”

CBT is a popular choice for treating a variety of mental health issues. From depression to anxiety to trauma-related disorders, and eating disorders, CBT can help a person cope with stress, manage emotions, and resolve conflicts.


is a short-term form of treatment focusing on interpersonal issues and external factors that lead to internal struggles, like depression. There are four main areas this type of therapy words to resolve: social isolation or unfulfilling relationships, grief, significant life transitions like retirement or divorce, and conflicts with others. By learning health  ways to express emotions and improve communication, patients leave IPT better able to relate to others.


is a specific type of CBT that helps regulate emotions so individuals can better cope with stress and improve their relationships with others. It is often used to treat people with chronic suicidal thoughts and people with borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, and PTSD. Using both individual and group therapy to teach new skills, people learn to take personal responsibility to change unhealthy or disruptive behavior.


is based on the idea that present behavior and mental well-being are influenced by unconscious, repetitive thoughts or feelings connected to the past. Often these inappropriate behaviors stem from unresolved issues and conflicts from childhood. Working with a therapist, a patient improves self-awareness and changes old patterns to gain more control over their life.



is a more intensive form of psychodynamic therapy with sessions conducted three or more times a week.



is provided to the majority of patients who are seen in a mental health clinic. The primary purpose of supportive therapy is to help patients develop their own mental health resources to build self-esteem, reduce anxiety, strengthen coping mechanisms, and improve social skills. After therapy, people should be able to take the things they learn and apply them for the rest of their lives.


At Reliance Integrated Wellness Center, our mental health professionals often use a combination of different therapies and treatments. Medication is sometimes combined with an individual’s therapy if a therapist determines it would be beneficial. For more about medication therapy, visit our Medication Therapy & Management page.


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