Our Approach to Care


At Reliance Integrated Wellness Center, we combine our expertise to serve you best. Not just therapy. Not just medication management. We offer the opportunity for intentional, coordinated care in a shared environment.

Caring for you with a range of services. This is our unique expertise.


Mental Health Talk Therapy


Our therapists and counselors will work one-on-one or in group therapy sessions to help the individual address and work through life issues and/or feelings from trauma, grief, loss, and anger — helping the individual process, identify strategies, and learn coping skills.



+ Mental Health Talk Therapy — Individual and Group

+ Medication Therapy and Management

+ Tele-Psych Services

Medication Therapy and Management


Our therapists serve those struggling with depression and anxiety. All treatments and prescribed medications will be tailored to the specific needs of each individual (there is no one-size-fits-all solution).


Tele-Psych Services


When you can’t come to us, we come to you. Utilizing technology as a powerful counseling tool, our therapists can meet you via video, so that our services are always at your fingertips.


“At Reliance, our patients have the opportunity for coordinated medication management and counseling services all in one setting.”

­— Kim Motter, RN, BSN, CCM—Director of Quality and Training

Who Is Eligible?

Reliance Integrated Wellness Center accepts most forms of health insurance, including Medicare. Our staff is always happy to discuss health insurance and eligibility.


A Commitment of Inclusion


Reliance is committed to treating all individuals with compassion and dignity. We cherish the diversity of humanity and support a climate of purposeful inclusion regardless of identity, age, ability, or background.



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