A Service for Every Struggle.


There’s no question life has its challenges. For those dealing with mental health issues, trauma, or loss, overcoming those challenges can feel like an impossible struggle. But it’s not a struggle that you have to go through alone. Our team of expert therapists and practitioners can help individuals cope with stress, emotion, and harmful behaviors through various mental health services.


+ Depression

+ Anxiety

+ Trauma

+ Grief

+ Stress Management


+ Anger management

+ Caregiver stress

+ Life transitions

+ Relationships


   One on One Talk Therapy


When someone is struggling with mental health issues, there are often symptoms that prevent an individual from functioning at their fullest. Through a variety of techniques, talk therapy addresses those issues and equips people with mental health resources to make lasting improvements.

Individuals that are 60+ years of age and reside in Kent County, please consider our Integrated Counseling and Wellness program.


Group Therapy


Group therapy introduces an individual to many other people who share similar struggles, helping them understand they are not alone. When individuals hear from others, they can recognize similarities in themselves and are able to gain better insights and greater self-awareness.

Medication Therapy and Management


Medication is used to treat imbalances in the brain that may cause symptoms such as feeling sad or empty, trouble concentrating, or having recurring thoughts of harm. Medication therapy is often paired with talk therapy as part of the overall treatment plan, but each individual is different.


Virtual Therapy


Video counseling provides the same expert care from our counselors and therapists wherever is convenient for you. Virtual therapy is an excellent option for those who can’t physically leave their home, are socially distancing, or struggle with the stigma surrounding going into a mental health clinic.


“At Reliance, our patients have the opportunity for coordinated medication management and counseling services all in one setting.”

­— Kim Motter, RN, BSN, CCM—Director of Quality and Training

Who Is Eligible?

Reliance Integrated Wellness Center and its partners accept most forms of health insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. Our staff are available to discuss health insurance and eligibility.

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